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Whether the pillow is a "head" or a pillow "neck", which...

  • 2264
  • Jimmy at
  • November 05, 2018
Speaking of pillows, I believe everyone is familiar, because we all use them. Many people think that the pillow is the head. In fact, the main function of the pillow is the pillow "neck", followed by the pillow "head". Understand how to buy.

Many readers always ask the author "what kind of pillow is best" and "the kind of good for the cervical spine". For this kind of problem, the author is really difficult to answer, because everyone's habits are different, and the suitable pillows are different.


Pillows are 1cm high or 1cm short. Some pillows of different materials have different feelings on the cervical vertebrae. Even when the same person is lying flat and sleeping sideways, the requirements for pillows are not exactly the same.

So the next time you ask me to recommend a pillow for you, you have to figure out these questions first:

1. What is your most comfortable sleeping position?
2. Do you like soft or hard pillows?
3. Are you willing to spend money on comfortable pillows?

First, pick a pillow, first see if it can reasonably support the cervical vertebra

Many people have always thought that the cervical vertebra is straight. In fact, the human cervical vertebra has a physiological curve, and the body curve is the same as the "front convex back."


As mentioned above, the pillow is to provide enough support for the head and neck when we are lying down, so that the head and neck will not hang when sleeping. Whether you like soft or hard pillows, the head and neck need for pillow support, but I believe most people still like soft pillows.

Second, according to the sleeping position, it is easy to determine the pillow pillow

The figure below shows that the neck is suspended when the ordinary pillow is lying on the side, which is easy to cause the stiff neck, so the side pillow is very demanding. The head and neck can fit the pillow completely on any pillow when lying on the back, so it is not so difficult to look up the choice of the pillow.


If you don't confirm that your sleeping position is the kind, B-pillow should be the best choice. Because the pillows are not the same on both sides, you can decide which side to sleep according to your needs.


Third, if you usually use soft pillows, such as feather pillows, cotton pillows, broken sponge pillows, then the memory foam pillow on the market is an upgrade to your perfect sleep.

Memory foam is also called slow rebound, it is a sponge-like substance. Sponge everyone knows that it is rebounding quickly, and the biggest feature of memory foam pillow is slow rebound.

Memory cotton sleep pillow has many advantages. The most peculiar thing is that the head is put on, it will be very comfortable and feel like being in the cloud. The pillow will gradually sink with the relaxation of the mind until the pillow fits perfectly to support the shape of the head and neck. The person at the time is very secure.


Fourth, the purchase of memory foam sleep pillow is actually very simple:the slower the rebound time, the better, smells no smell, the feel is very comfortable to touch, the other is the weight of the memory cotton sleep pillow is also the same factor.

As another criterion for judging the quality of memory foam sleeping pillows - the service life, the inferior memory foam pillows are not normal for a few months, and good products can be used for at least three years.