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How to choose gel mattress or memory foam mattress

  • 1411
  • Jimmy at
  • April 08, 2019

A hot summer is just around the corner, and having a suitable mattress will help us sleep. There are so many types of mattresses on the market, and the best breathable and cool ones are memory foam mattresses and gel mattresses. So how do we choose?

In addition to personal preferences, we should first understand the difference between a memory foam mattress and a gel mattress. Let's talk about the pros and cons of these two types of mattresses.

cool gel mattress

What is a memory foam mattress?
The memory foam bed was made of memory foam. The memory foam was originally invented by NASA. They were worried that astronauts would be under a lot of pressure when driving at high speeds, and found this slow rebound material.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for relieving stress while sleeping, especially on the shoulders and hips. The Memory Foam Mattress responds to your body and sleep posture, allowing you to shape your body while sleeping. It keeps your spine straight while you sleep, which helps relieve back, hip and shoulder pain. Memory foams also seldom exercise, which means that when you sleep, your partner, child or pet enters and leaves your bed, but you can't find it in time.

What is a gel mattress?
The gel mattress is made from a mixture of gel and foam. The gel used in the gel mattress is the same as the gel used in the cow mat, and is a gel pad that the cow sometimes stands. However, because cows are much heavier than humans, and humans do not need to push back as much as cows, the gel is modified into a mattress.

gel mattress pad cooling
In gel mattresses, the combination of foam infusion gel, memory foam and gel creates a balance that provides comfort and support, so gel materials are also popular in seat cushions and mattresses.

In the hot summer, gel mattresses can also provide a cooler sleep option, although some complain that the cooling effect disappears over time. But gel mattresses are the most suitable for summer mattresses compared to traditional memory foam mattresses.