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Is the memory foam mattress good? What are the advantag...

  • 1824
  • Jimmy at
  • November 09, 2018
Let's talk about the memory cotton mattress. The materials used in memory foam mattresses and memory pillows are slow rebound memory foams. These mattresses can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body. According to the different hardness of the human body, the contours of the body shape can be accurately formed, resulting in no pressure stickers. Synergy, while giving the body effective support.

It has been proven by medicine to effectively relieve musculoskeletal pain, assist in the treatment of lumbar vertebrae problems, reduce insomnia such as snoring and overturning, prolong sleep time and improve sleep quality. Below I will introduce the benefits of memory foam mattresses.

Gel mattress

1. The biggest characteristic of memory cotton is the pressure that can absorb and decompose the human body. Traditional mattress materials have a reaction to the human body. The spine and joints are squeezed by the mattress, which can cause paralysis and soreness. People will unconsciously turn over and affect the quality of sleep.

The mattress made of memory foam can eliminate the pressure of the human body. The mattress has no reaction to the body. People sleep on it like floating in the clouds. The blood circulation is smooth, the number of turns is greatly reduced, and people sleep. Very deep and heavy.

2. Under the action of pressure extrusion, the high resilience of the slow rebound material can balance the pressure of the contact point between the human body and the mattress, can slowly deform to adapt to the oppressed object, and provide the most uniform support force, completely relax the shoulder. Department and waist and legs.

3, memory cotton material is very sensitive to temperature, can provide appropriate softness according to the different temperatures of various parts of the human body, perfectly shaping the body shape, so that the spine can rest and relax in a natural arc posture. The mattress fits intimately to the body, avoiding the soreness and damage to the spine caused by the traditional mattress that bends the waist.

Memory cotton mattress

4. The open cell structure of memory cotton inhibits the growth of bacteria and aphids. It is still healthy and safe for long-term use, and is especially suitable for pregnant women and children who are susceptible to allergies. At the same time, it is a material that can breathe. People sleeping on it will feel transparent and not stuffy.

5, memory cotton mattress, whether lying on the side or lying on the side, can make all parts of the body in a relaxed state, especially to make the spine and thighs completely relax and rest, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary turning over during sleep, reducing muscle soreness, etc. , increase deep sleep time.

In addition to the above advantages, the memory foam mattress has some disadvantages. In the environment where the temperature continues to rise in the summer, if there is no air-conditioning in the room, the memory foam mattress will be very hot, so we have to replace it with a memory mattress with a cool gel; secondly, the memory cotton mattress is at a very low temperature. It will harden and will not fit the body curve very well.