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The benefits of hot eye mask

  • 2732
  • Jimmy at
  • November 19, 2018

Recently, there was a picture that was very hot and perfectly reproduced the true portrayal of the mobile party. Since the phone is getting smarter, sleep time is getting less and less. Going to bed in the dark? It doesn't exist at all! I want to make up for it during the day, but those colorful lights are jumping around in front of your eyelids, even if you are too sleepy, you can't sleep peacefully.

saien Hot eye mask

At this moment, I think it should be needed, such a sleep aid artifact - eye mask. But today's market, eye masks are also varied, which one can make you sleep peacefully? God said that love is a light, but for sleeping, light is a very annoying thing. Without it, our dreams will come soon. So many people use these methods when they sleep, pillow covers, quilts, hats...

With the birth of the blindfold, these methods seem to be far away from you. The eye masks on Taobao are also numerous. From a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, they all write shading to improve sleep, relieve eye fatigue and improve dark circles. The effect. However, after buying these, they found that the function was far from the propaganda. God, please tell me which eye mask is the same as the propaganda, so easy, it must be SAIEN Sain shading hot eye mask!

Hot eye mask

This fever physiotherapy eye mask, the upper and lower left and right curved surface design, 360 ° not sultry heat shading, prevent vision loss, improve sleep and other high-quality attributes, has been favored by white-collar workers in Europe and the United States. Why do we have to do this eye mask?

"The King of Black Gold" graphene material, temperature sensitive memory material, far infrared heat therapy human engineering design, suitable for office workers, car drivers, to maximize the quality of rest for a short period of time, prevent dry eyes, eliminate fatigue, relieve acid Bulging, activating cells, easy to carry and easy to carry.

Hot eye mask factory

SAIEN Cyan eye mask support coefficient, the sensory coefficient achieves a balanced match, perfect fit when worn, no squeezing feeling, no matter how long it takes to wear uncomfortable, easy to wear, protect your eyes all day and anywhere. For women, there is a better gospel, no eye pressure, no makeup, easy to keep makeup! SAIEN Cyan Graphene Hot Eye Mask, your best sleep companion. Wear it, sleep confidently, sleep out of life!