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The latest hydrogel interview, dehumidification and cooli...

  • 1549
  • Jimmy at
  • October 24, 2018
According to Singapore media reports, a four member research team from National University of Singapore has developed a new hydrogel. This hydrogel is much more advanced than the old one. It can absorb 2.5 times more water than its own weight, and it can also quickly reduce air humidity.

This hydrogel product is very suitable for hot weather and high humidity. When people use this pillow and mattress to rest and sleep, it can quickly absorb the water in the air, without the condition of air conditioning, it can also make people quickly and refreshing and cool!

The team also made an experiment. They found a room of 20 square meters, a new type of hydrogel painted on half a wall, less than ten minutes, the air was reduced by about 20%, and the temperature was over seven degrees Celsius.

The hydrogels that absorb water will become opaque, especially to filter out the sun's ultraviolet and infrared rays. So it is a very good design to install the cement sunshade on the window.

In addition, the new hydrogel has a conductive function after absorbing water, and every 0.1 grams of hydrogel can produce 1.8W power, which can supply the small electrical apparatus such as the clock. I believe that with the development of technology, this hydrogel product will be widely applied to our life.

In the future lying in the hydrogel mattress rest, the body release water is absorbed by the mattress, the mattress transforms water into electric energy, can supply power for our mobile phone, this kind of source is constantly energy, think unthinkable, make people impatient!

And Thain will introduce this technology for the first time to provide our customers with the best quality and most advanced products.