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What is a memory foam pillow?

  • 1142
  • Jimmy at
  • March 21, 2019
Also known as space memory foam pillow , space pillow, zero pressure memory pillow, slow rebound sponge pillow, polyether polyurethane pillow and so on.

Polyether type of polyurethane is HEALTHMAN companies in the United States in the 1960 s by NASA's subordinate enterprise of research and development, is a kind of open cell structure, with a warm sense of decompression, can also be called as it is a feeling of temperature and pressure relief material.

What is a memory foam pillow?

Then gradually used in the medical, civil products, especially this kind of material made of pillow, with viscoelastic properties, can change the position of head and neck, automatic deformation occurs, keep closely integrated with the neck position, especially to fixed head, don 't let the head down "neck stiffness".

It is a kind of pillow made of slow recoil material, not to increase people's memory, but because the pillow that often USES can form the inherent shape of human head and neck, so it is called memory pillow.