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Remembering how to clean pillows is the right thing to ...

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 07, 2019
The memory cotton pillow has a coat, which can be assembled, can be hand washed and machine washable, but the inner core does not need cleaning, do not put it in the washing machine to stir, so as not to destroy the structure of memory cotton and prolong its service life.

If it is necessary to stop using the pillow core, we will teach you the correct cleaning steps.

Take off the pillowcase
If you put your pillow in the pillowcase, please take it off now. Large memory foam pillow with its own zipper sleeves, you should also remove it, separate from the pillow body.

Pack a bucket of water
For material sensitive foam pillow, washing machine is too rough in cleaning order, so the pillow with this material must be hand washed. Warm water in a bucket or tank. You just need to dress up enough to cover up the water content of the pillow.

Adding washing agent
Each pillow needs to add a spoonful of laundry detergent to the water. Slightly use the hands to stir the water, so that it is bubbling and mixing.

Cleaning the pillow
Put the pillow in the water and turn it slightly to help the detergent penetrate into the pillow. Rub and squeeze the pillow with your hands to help remove dirt and allow dirt to pass through the outer layer so that the pillows are clean.

Dry up a pillow
Low temperature will destroy memory foam and break it, so don't put memory foam pillow into dryer. Instead, please put a clean white towel in the dry center and put the pillow under it. If you can, please put it in the sun to dry.