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The correct way to use the pillow

  • 1316
  • Jimmy at
  • March 21, 2019

Using the wrong pillow, or using the pillow in the wrong way, the consequences are really serious!

1, cervical spondylosis

If we use too high a pillow during sleep, it is equivalent to being forced to bow in the whole sleep process. In the long run, the cervical curvature will be straightened, causing damage and easily causing cervical spondylosis.

2, brain atrophy

Long-term pillow and high pillow will cause the head to be in a state of insufficient blood supply and oxygen supply for a long time, which will affect the metabolism of brain cells, leading to the loss of memory. The middle-aged and elderly people have brain dementia and brain atrophy in advance.

3, dying

Unreasonable pillows are also an important factor in causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral hemorrhage, and strokes. Unreasonable pillows can cause cerebral ischemia and cause brain damage. At the same time, blood pressure rises and heart rate increases, which makes the heart ischemia, lack of oxygen, and aggravates the disease and even induces death.

4, affecting breathing

Too low a pillow will lead to imbalance of blood supply to the body, which may cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa. The nasal mucosa is very sensitive, and a swelling can affect your breathing.

5, decreased vision

Many people don't know that using the wrong pillow is also related to people's vision. When the cervical vertebra cannot maintain its natural physiological curvature, it will oppress the optic nerve. The end result is: vision loss, fear of light, tearing, eye pain and other symptoms, even in severe cases can lead to blindness.

6, high blood pressure

There is a type of hypertension called "cervical hypertension", which is caused by inappropriate pillows. The so-called cervical hypertension is due to the cervical vertebrae pressing the carotid artery, and the blood flow rate is slow, resulting in increased pressure. There are more and more cases of high blood pressure in young people. In addition to playing with mobile phones, it is also related to wrong pillows.

7, shoulder stiffness

If the pillow is too high, it will cause muscle fatigue damage and ligaments to strain and strain, causing spasms, inflammation, etc., and symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, hand numbness, and dizziness.

8, insomnia

Studies have shown that 150 million of the world's 600 million insomniacs are caused by pillow discomfort, and the unscientific use of pillows is also the primary cause of various sleep disorders. Ordinary pillows due to material, pillow type, soft and hard degree is unscientific, will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, and directly affect the regulation of sleep central nervous system, leading to sleep disorders, severe cases will cause long-term habitual insomnia.

9, snoring

Some people like to sleep without a pillow. When people are lying on their backs, they are over-rearing and easy to breathe, which leads to dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat and snoring.