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saien Sleep Pillow (love, just start from caring for sle...

  • 2015
  • Jimmy at
  • December 27, 2018

Homely, warm and convenient! The cooking competition started!

sleep pillow

The cooking competition is big, the chef sharpens the knife to the pig! The step is the sharpening stone! ! No one can stop me from playing my talents!

The preparation of the chefs! Knife work show!

sleep pillow

Tang Sister, a good wife and a good mother! The cooking is great!

Jenny's hand is absolutely professional! I can't cook myself, as if I am afraid that people will not give her food! Ask this question every few minutes? Want that? What do I need to do, oh yeah... that is really positive, I am afraid that people will not give her a look! Now think about it, I still want to laugh!

Hey! This fire...

sleep pillow

living comfortably without anybody's help! For example, washing vegetables, setting dishes, serving, and then eating a big meal. Beauty seems to have a misunderstanding about the phrase "do it yourself, get enough food and drink"!

Teamwork, you cook, I come to peel the shrimp

Good wife and good mother

The image of a good man! !

Peeling eggs is a technical activity, and it is ruined with a little heart! These two handsome guys, ten preserved eggs can finally successfully peel off seven perfect preserved eggs, the rest heard that it is broken, and then they gave it to eat.


saien's women's team! Give our female compatriots a long face!

Teamwork, perfect partner!

The Hunan Dongan Chicken made by this chef is also super super delicious!

This good wife, good mother and sister, is also a Hunan dish, it is also delicious! Amount... I seem to have been boasting Hunan cuisine. It seems to be promoting Hunan cuisine. I am sorry, I am not an advertising childcare. It is really delicious.

The chef can make an authentic blood duck in Hunan. He said, it can't be done now. The blood duck is asking for a bit high. It is necessary to make a live duck, but ~ but he said it is not authentic. I already think Super delicious, who can do it for me, I want to learn, bring back to Guangxi! !

The handsome guy listened to what he said, but also the chef, listening to what he said is quite like that! Maybe this time I am out of order... I will try his cooking again next time!

The flesh in the pot is the most attractive! It looks like it’s so delicious!

Amount, in fact, the pot is also very attractive, looking good appetite, want to eat, for food, let me write such an article, look at these pictures, saliva has now flowed to the ground!

This party ginseng stewed whole chicken, nice

This is the best fish in the whole game.

Amount, this don’t look at it, it’s not black, it’s delicious.

This is the Dong'an chicken in Hunan, and the dish of the second-day CD!

This is absolutely beautiful and nutritious! It’s not good... You think about how you eat raw tomatoes, it’s a scent, it’s a scent... wins creativity!

This cut egg is also a technical job! You can't use a knife, you have to use a needle thread...

This uncle, I have always seen his pots smoke! It is incredible!

perfect! Appetizing

This is absolutely professional! Good looking and delicious

The partners of the business department are always so active and eager to learn.

Looking forward to the jury

Jury review


Women's Army team! The judging god came over and almost stood up and waited for this service~

Why do you take the first, the details determine success or failure, even taking pictures is the best! Team spirit

I am so tired that I have taken this shot! I have to take a photo when I eat it! Exhausted, I deserve it!

Business partners! Although the business is great, the chefs have to keep up! Make yourself more and more beautiful

It’s dark, and the event is over! The focus is still behind

Mid-Autumn Festival welfare is awarded! A box of moon cakes in a box of milk! Boss best

The first prize winner in the competition for youthful vigor

Second prize winner!

sleep pillow

Third prize winner! Business Unit……

sleep pillow

saien (love, just start from caring for sleep) is full of Mid-Autumn Festival, and the youthful vitality is a great match for cooking and perfection!
Very happy day! Because of you!